Money Putt by Grass-Tex Hitting Strip Turf

Money Putt by Grass-Tex Hitting Strip Turf

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Make your own hitting strip using Money Putt by Grass-Tex. Please note this is the turf ONLY and does NOT include a shock pad, allowing you to design and build your own hitting strip.

As one of our premier putting surfaces, this product is ideal for putting, short chip shots, and indoor golf facilities. The speed of the green will depend on the installation method. This product can be installed indoors or outdoors on concrete or a compacted aggregate base.

A lot of users experience golfer’s elbow with prolonged use of driving range mats. The best answer is to pretend you have it already and exercise and stretch accordingly. A couple other suggestions are: 

  • Use graphite shafts
  • Add vibration dampening inserts next time you re-grip your clubs
  • Play around with various range mats knowing they aren’t real turf!
Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer Nylon
Yarn Cross Section Texturized Nylon Monofilament
Standard Colors Forest
UV Stabilized Yes
Fabric Construction Tufted
Primary Backing Dual layered woven polypropylene
Coating Type(s) Greenback or Natural Rubber
Perforations No
Yarn Denier/Ends 4400/8
Recommended Infill N/A
Pile Height 3/8"
Total Weight 71 oz. per square yard
Dimensions 1'x2'