How long will it take to receive my product? 

Lead times vary by product: Raw screens, hitting strips and mats, and putting cups are typically shipped the same day. Finished screens usually take a couple days to a week as do the better bumpers. Turf usually ships within a week as does underlayment panels.

Freight & Shipping charges

US shipping is free on purchases over $300  shipped from our home office location in Kentucky. Artificial Turf and Underlayment Panels are shipped direct from the manufacturer and require a freight quote. Please email paul@OneStopSimShop.com with your requested item and I'll send you a freight quote. FREIGHT TIP: Shipping to residential is the most expensive and typically runs $250-$400. Shipping to a commercial address typically saves about $100 and shipping direct to a freight dock saves another $100. I don't upcharge freight and bill you exactly what I get charged, but it certainly can help to have a buddy with a truck or trailer and pick up from a business or freight dock.

What is the difference between the impact screens?

There are several differences between the single layer and triple layer impact screen but the largest difference is the noise level. The triple layer screen is almost silent upon impact. The triple layer also has less "puckers" from ball impact, making it a better screen for simulators doubling as a home theater.

How long will my impact screen last?

Lots of variables so lots of answers to that question. Could be months and could be several years. Ball speed, ball spin, ball type, etc. all have a large influence on screen life. To maximize the life of the screen please make certain you are using new and clean golf balls. Check them regularly as the impact from the screen will definitely cause balls to crack way sooner than on the the golf course. Also make sure your grooves are clean as dirt and debris can transfer from the club to ball to screen very easily. Rotating the screen or moving it horizontally to change the impact area can also help. Lastly, make certain you do not stretch the screen tight upon installation. The ideal tension is to minimize bounce back and extend the life of the screen is to hang the fabric and tension with bungees until the waves are out of the screen. Packaging wrinkles will come out with time so be patient with those - just get the screen taught but not tight.

What's the best turf for indoor simulators?

True Turf and One Putt are the top sellers for indoor use. True Turf because it is dense and heavy and makes a great stance mat as well as putting turf. One Putt is recommended if you are laying the turf directly onto concrete as it has a foam backing made just for that use.